Using others code

I have a question regarding vmdx files or extensions. A friend of mine built a neat add on for the GBoH module ( Alexander) - it allows SGBoH to be played and adds some neat combat features. I want to use some the features of that edited module for SPQR. Assuming I have his permission what is involved to do that. I have read the tutorial on create modules, however I am still a bit fuzzy as to how an extension could be applied to another module .

Do you want to use the existing extension your friend has created “as is” with your module or do you want to use certain features you find in the extension only?

If it is the former “as is” you just right click your module in the module manager and select add extension. This assumes how it is set up is totally compatible with whatever you are using it for and the extension has been marked as usable by any module. Youll know if its not when you try to play using it…

If it is the latter (features only) you must edit the extension just like you would a module, see what they did to create the feature(s) you want to use, then edit your module/new extension whatever and recreate it there verbatim if it is exactly what you want to do.

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Unable to load extension Marathon.vmdx: Extension ‘Marathon’ was built for module GBoH I: Great Battles of Alexander Deluxe

  • Deactivating extension Marathon.vmdx

Well it was worth a try! I guess I have to work with Joshua to get this done.