Using sound

This might be pain stakenly obvious but i can’t quite get it to work.

I am making a game where players move around on the board and when they land on specifik tiles a sound should be played, all in all there are 4 diffrent sounds, and 37 “special” tiles. Is there a way to make the trigger look at the tile, without having to push any buttons?

I have tried using a trigger only to realise I only accompliset to have it lock if it isent in one of the speceik tiles.

Basicaly what i need is way for when a play move a pices it cheks if the piece is now on special tile x then it activates “play sound” trait.

Anyone have any bright ideas?

This is an old topic, but it didn’t get an answer.
The track should be coded and identified with each tile named with a number : tr1, tr2, tr3 …
When the piece moves, from a player action, thanks to a button, or a card or anything, it need to move from tr{n} to tr{n+x}
Then, the trait you can use is a trigger based on the n+x value to play a sound. Therefore you can use a formula to say {n+x}%4==1 → sound1 ; {n+x}%4==2 → sound2 …
Or in your case, clearly identify the 37 special tiles and locations to associate them with a sound.

If, on the other hand, the players can move a piece on the board manually, without a button, I’m not certain you can have the underlying tile see it has a piece above itself …