Using Turn Counter as Clock

I’ve been through the Developer’s Guide PDF and the Wiki, as well as done a few searches on the forum and haven’t found quite what I need. Even so, this is an easy question for a veteran:

How do I create a Panzer Grenadier clock using the Turn Counter?

For those unfamiliar with the series, time in PG passes in 15 minute increments:


Right now I’ve got my Turn Counter, and two counters therein: Minute and Hour. Individually they increment and loop properly. Together I am failing.

Desired behavior is the user only increments the minutes. If minutes loops back to zero then you increment the hour. Current behavior is first the minutes loop (0 to 15 to 30 to 45 to 0) and then the hours begin incrementing. Minutes don’t appear again until all 24 hours have been clicked through.

I hope I’ve made the question clear. Thank you for reading.

Also, coming back to VASSAL after literally years away - what a wonderful job the team has done. Thank you everyone!

Ok, I’m 99% of the way there and I just need a little push over the finish line! :slight_smile:

I have created a counter that tracks the game clock, and can be adjusted both forwards and backwards in 15 minute increments, via assemblage of a few Trigger Actions and Dynamic Properties - thank you to DrNostromo and his excellent example module.

The final step is to get the Turn Counter to fire a key combo each time it is incremented/decremented. That way the user will first set the game clock, and then all subsequent turn changes will adjust the clock automatically.

I am using the Turn Counter and have added a (Turn) Counter, but I see no way to make it send out global key commands? :question:

This was a dead end for me. I went with at-start stacks of immobile counters to get the functionality I needed.