Vassal imbeded unit builds

I’ve got units that I am trying to use the unit build ability in vassal instead of just using graphics for everything so that I can change unit strengths using the dynamic text. My problem is how to handle changing from line to column or limbering and unlimbering as the units values change. So an unlimbered artillery is a 8-2-0 (strength/Class/Movement) and when it is limbered it is 1-9-3 (crew/morale/movement). So I tried the replace with function but that changes the values back to the default for the unit.

In the case of infantry in line a 5-7-3 flips to a 5-8-4 etc. So is there a way to flip the unit and have it remember both sides of data so when you flip back it remains intact? Again I am trying to avoid the usual massive graphics imaging since potentially a unit could be 10 or more strength requiring that many images to handle the strength loss that also gives a morale loss too.

I’m stuck any suggestions? We did a ton of rules mods for the SPI Wellington’s Victory game and I am finally creating a generic vassal module that I will slowly build out to include actual battlefield maps instead of generic maps.


Ok thinking about this could I have 6 assigned values and only display 3 of the 6 depending on the side I am changing to? If so how do you do it?