Vassal Play Test Module

:question: Help for Newbie.

I’m creating a wargame and have have been working on a vassal playtest module for it. The Vassal module is currently only on my home computer and I’m able to play it solitaire in the Vassal format.

My question is how do I make it avaiable to other playtesters?

Do I upload the module to the Vassal site and then restrict access to it or do I send files directly to the playtesters themselves who already have Vassal on their PCs?



You can’t restrict access to modules uploaded to the VASSAL wiki. So it would best to email (or use a file sharing site) the module to playtesters, until you are ready to publicly distribute it.

Mediafire is good for sharing files. It’s a free file sharing service.

Thanks for the info.

I will look into Mediafire.

I will be playing the thing solitaire to see where I need to tweak things.

Vassal is very impressive. I’ve been able to find errors in my printed and electronic components, quickly make corrections and get them back in the module. I’ve gone from zero knowledge about it to being able to play my game on the PC in short period of time. Most of the learning has been through looking at other modules and see how they were put together. I’m sure I’ll end up redoing the whole thing because I’m still making too many discoveries about how to make the components do more.

Well, again thanks for the help.


Manny I know how you feel I have been doing the same thing. I couldn’t of done it with out these guys help.