Very Strange Vassal Problem

I have had the following recur several times:

I have a well-tested, often played module that runs with no problems.

I edit the module and save as a new version in a new filename. It tests and plays just fine. Call it version 1.1.
I edit some more, save under a new version in a new filename. It tests and plays just fine. Call it version 1.2.

I do this a couple of times and eventually reach version 1.5 all in new files. Attempting to run version 1.5 results in a spinning blue ring that never ends. No errors. Nothing. Windows Task Manager shows that Java (and Vassal) is using zero CPU cycles. Error log shows something like:

C:\Users\hth9\Vassal Modules\TSWW - Vassal Modules\TSWW ETO-MTO 39-43\TSWW ETO-MTO 39-43 v0.1.vmod C:\Users\hth9\AppData\Roaming\VASSAL\tiles\489644e7915916eaaf32a26253da1aa588944e6e 256 256

The tile folder name varies (as it should) but the above log entry always ends in 256 256. All the various folders under the tiles folder were created but are empty.

Now here is the very strange part:

Ok, I must have done something terrible. I go back to version 1.4 that tested and played fine. No go. Same problem.

I go back to version 1.3 – same problem. Same with 1.2 and 1.1.

None of the previous versions that tested and played fine will now even load.

I have tried rebooting and uninstalling/reinstalling Vassal. No go. Nothing that previously ran will load. It never begins tiling. I can understand some problem that prevents tiling. But how could the versions that previously ran fine possibly change? They reside in their own file.

Windows 10. Vassal 3.2.17. Java


  1. I attempted to run some other modules that I and others have used for weeks. They also now refuse to tile showing the spinning wheel.

  2. I successfully ran these “broken” modules on another computer – big clue.

  3. Problem completely fixed after going back from Java 8.161 to 8.144 (Windows 10)

Before going back to a previous version of Java, I had removed all map images, leaving game piece images and the modules would tile. Putting back the maps one at a time – some would run, some would not – leads me to believe the Java 8.161 problem has something to do with the filename of the maps. I did not think of this until after reverting to Java 8.144 so I did not test by changing map filenames.

I will do that as it would be good to run the latest version of Java if possible.