Viewing Text Labels During Stack View

I have “text labels” on my counters with an offset below them, I notice that when units are stacked in a grid space said text labels all overlap such that none are able to be read, the letters intermixing, is there a way to only see the text label of the top counter?

In an opposite situation, when viewing the stack with the mouse cursor over the top a small box appears to the side to show the various counters in the stack, but the “text labels” are missing, can the labels be made visible in this box?

For the former - text labels in a stack - If you can find a way to determine the stack position of your counter you might exclude all but the top counter from displaying a label. I have a nasty feeling that this requires a custom class to achieve but if you could then this example beanshell in the text label text field would be the final step if “atTop” was set true when the counter was at the top of the stack: { atTop==true ? “your counter text here” : “” }

For the later, mouse-over, have you tried the text above and below options in the mouse-over settings ?

Thank you marktb1961. For the later issue I managed to adjust the “gap width” between pieces in the “Mouse-over Stack Viewer” and this brought the text labels into view, but now I am aware of the text above and below options.

For the former issue I am a total newb to Vassal and have no idea how to create custom classes, or do much heavy editing, but I can try to poke at it given your suggestion.

Managed to fix the text overlapping problem as well. I went to the Map “Stacking options” and changed the horizontal and vertical offset for tiles when not ‘expanded’ to negative values. This has solved the issue rather simply.