VP Counter with Multiple Layers -20 to +40

Howdy Gents,

I know how to build this thing with multiple layers. What I don’t understand is how to make it begin at Zero so you can move up to 40 VPs or lose down to -20. How do you set the initial Layer at Zero?


Is there a reason that a Layer with 60 levels is preferable to a blank counter on which you display a Text Label? It would be considerably less work to implement and maintain.

Well, I don’t know what a Text Label is or how to build it. While the other, though more time consuming for me, I can actually build it save for making Zero the initial starting place.

Is Layer 1 (Zero VPs) the beginning starting place?

Attached is an extremely minimal module demonstrating how to control a Dynamic Property (your VPs, numeric and ranges from -20 to 40, defaulting to start at 0) and use a Text Label to display it on a piece.

Wow, that’s surely rocket science to me. I’ll try and we’ll see how badly I bungle it.

Well, give it a look and see what you think. There are only 2 parts–a Dynamic Property, and a Text Label.

In contrast, to get your desired effect (defaulting to 0) with a layer that has 60 levels, you were going to need a Dynamic Property (with controls for it) and use the “Layer follows property expression” setting in the Layer. In my experience, that’s harder for people to wrap their heads around.


I thought this was really helpful - I’ve added a link to it from the Tips and Tricks page…

Sorry guys it didn’t work. The programming was input exactly as described. Thought it was going to be beautiful. BUT the number refused to show up. I did turn its color from white to black, but that was the only change I made. The numbers just refused to materialize.

Are you using predefined setups? If so, changes you make will not be reflected unless you do a Refresh Counters on them. If that’s not the case, please provide a Google Drive/Dropbox/etc link to your work in progress and I’ll take a look.

The designer hasn’t requested any predefined set ups for his play testing so far. So the answer is no. I’ll rebuild those Text Labels tomorrow and then post it to you via my DropBox some time tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the help.

The method Joel outlined worked like a charm.