VP tracking

I have decks of cards in a game, each of which has a VP value… During a game, I want to be able to send those cards (one at a time) to a location, and have a running tally showing of the accumulated VP points from the cards in the new deck location. How to do that (for dummies)?

Thanks much.

Hello Grudunza,
I’m new with Vassal but i’ll try to help you.

To send the first card of a “deck01” to “deck02” you have to add to “deck01” a Deck Global Key Command with
Name: “Send card to…” (this is what you’ll see, in the game, with mouse right click over the deck)
Affects: → Fixed number of piece → 1
Global Command: a combination of key on the keyboard, ex. “SHIFT A”

Then on each card you have to set a “Return To Deck” trait with:
Keyboard Command: SHIFT A
and then you have 2 option:

  1. don’t touch nothing and game will ask you in the game to selct the deck you want to send the card
  2. UNCHECK “Choose destination deck…” and manually select “deck02”.

I’m not sure to have understand the last part of your post (sorry i’m not very well with english)…
you want a text label near the deck the show the VP total from the cards inside that deck?

Each of your cards should have a Marker trait containing their VP value. Sitting somewhere near the destination deck where the VP cards will accumulate, you might have an invisible piece with a Text Label trait. The actual label should be able to display the sum of all the Marker trait values on cards currently in the deck.

Then all you need to do is decide if you want to have players drag cards when needed, or have a toolbar button that applies a GKC to 1 card at a time in the origin deck (the GKC would fire the key command associated with a Return to Deck trait, targeted at the destination deck).