Want to draw a card using Right Click over the deck

Is there a way to draw a card from a deck by right clicking on the deck?
If not, can a button be placed just above the deck to draw a card?

There are no native card-drawing/dealing methods built into VASSAL. There are a few approaches to accomplishing this on your own. Several of Joel Toppen’s modules (e.g. Washington’s War) use private windows that have “Draw Card” Action Buttons on them. Pressing the button despatches a GKC to 1 card in the deck, sending it to the location of the button.

I’ve done a few modules (e.g. Wilderness War) that have a “dealing” function driven by buttons/menus in the main toolbar. They use player hand windows (which are merely private windows with a special form of stacking) and send commands to X number of cards in the deck, which are then sent to a named region in the destination player hand. There are probably even more ways of doing it.