Want to trigger action on move

I want to trigger a report action when a piece is moved.

Here is my stack
Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 7.12.24 PM

Here is my trigger when properties match expression:
{LocationName != OldLocationName}

The report Action looks like this:

Any ideas? It does not fire but I can access the Trigger Action with the keyboard command and it behaves as expected.

As a Javascript programmer I really want an onMove event to fire…

This is to log the fleet and turn before the move log entry so I can copy paste to a plot for moves.

Also is there a way to access the entry for the log that is generated on move?

pieceName moves C 2 → C 3

Ideally I would like to modify this string ^^

Hi Matt;
I think the Trigger does not fire because it needs a command to activate it. For this to work when a piece is moved you need to navigate to the Map in the Editor where the Piece is located and add a Command in the field I have circled below then use that command in either the Report Action or the Trigger depending what you are trying to do.


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The Report format for movement on the Map is located just above the location I circled in the “Map Window” menu. I hope I have helped in some way.


How do I assign points here? Give a boquet of flowers? This is exactly what I was looking for. I am working on a game that asks you to plot out sometimes 200 or more moves before the game start for your fleets so I built a plotter dot and as you drag it around it annotates the log so you can just copy paste that into the fleet information box. Works a treat!

Thank you!

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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