Warhammer Quest Dungeon Deck Help

I believe that I have created everything I need to make a Warhammer Quest Vassal mod except the shuffle logic for the dungeon deck. The quote from the game documentation for the dungeon deck reads as follows,

"Take the five Objective Room playing cards and shuffle them. Pick one at random and put the rest back in the box. The goal of your adventure lies in the room you have chosen. (This card is called the Objective Room Card).

Shuffle the Dungeon cards and deal out six face down. Now take your chosen Objective Room card and shuffle it in with the six cards you have just dealt. Finally, deal a further six Dungeon cards on top of the seven you already have. You should now have thirteen cards, and your objective lies somewhere among the final seven… but who knows where exactly! The remaining Dungeon cards are NOT used, and may be returned to the box. The thirteen cards, including the objective room, form the Dungeon deck for the adventure."

I’m not really sure how to go about implementing this feature in VASSAL. Does any deck guru have some advice. I wouldn’t think it would be too hard if you knew what you where doing.

I’m looking for implementation/design help as well as any step-by-step instructions if that is practical.



OK, so I created a setup board to do my dungeon deck building in. I put the objective cards in one pile and the room/passageway cards in another pile. I have a build deck (empty to start) the is a working deck as I pile up the different cards needed and I have a Play deck (also empty to start) used to store the finished piles of cards after I’m done building them. For game play I have setup a Dungeon Deck on a separate board to be used during game play. The Dungeon Deck only shows the deck that is in play and this way will hide all the other cards that weren’t used.

With this system I can manually create the deck I need. I’m able to check each deck it by enabling the “Allow specific Cards to be drawn” option (which will be taken out when mod is released).

The two problems I’m having are shuffle problems. First when the two decks are put on the table they are not shuffled irregardless of the shuffle options that I’ve selected for the deck. I’ve figured out that if the Re-shuffle: Always option is turned on it only does the randomizing when a single card is drawn from the deck. If you turn on the option to draw multiple cards from the deck (like I want/need to) you’ll always get the same cards because it won’t shuffle the multiple cards at draw time. This forced me to turn on the “Re-shuffle: via right click menu” because then I could force a shuffle and then do the mutli-card draw.

Second, once I manually assemble all of the cards the way I want in a pile in the play deck I’ve setup a “Send to Dungeon Deck” via right click which works, but shuffles all the cards during the transfer. Not useful at all for me. For this one I guess I’m just stuck using one board for this and having all the extra cards be shoved somewhere in a corner.

I have been able to simplify my requirements after messing around with this for a while. I need to place a specific card in a deck of 13 other cards (total 14 cards) where the specific card is inserted randomly between the 8th and 14th spot in the deck. I saw a how-to about how to put cards on the bottom of the deck but I couldn’t figure out how to do any randomization with that.

If anyone has any ideas that would be really great!



UPDATE: On my second issue of moving cards from one deck to another is not quite as I described. It doesn’t shuffle the cards upon moving them from the one deck to another. It REVERSES the stack of cards. So if the card I wanted to be on the bottom (between the 8th slot and 14th slot) it now on the top somewhere between the 1st slot and the 7th slot. To mitigate this issues I have to enable the “Reversal” option. Then I can reverse the stack before I send it to another deck. (What a pain).

Is this a bug? If it’s not (and I could see how people might want it this way) then there should be an option to have the deck moved without messing up the order of the deck.


If you ever finish the module let me know, I’d LOVE to play it with my friends!! :slight_smile:

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Hope you like.