Way to use the old Dynamic Property Value?

When someone changes a Dynamic Property, is there a way to act on its old value rather than the current one? I’m editing a module where people are contesting shared, static resources, and I’d like to keep a tally on a Global Value. It’s easy when they’re claiming them as I can increment $PlayerSide$'s count as they change the Dynamic Property to $PlayerSide$. But I don’t know how to track it when they lose it. I could lock the “Uncontrol” command to the person who Controlled it, which would make $PlayerSide$ still work, but that’s not ideal. What would be good would be a way to use the old Dynamic Property Name but I don’t know if that works.

I’ve set it up so “Control” now also sets a new “Memory” DPV to $PlayerSide$, and Uncontrol uses that value. If that’s inefficient somehow let me know.