Well had to finally ask...

Okay, so I’m working on a card game and I’ve gone through several topics learning what I could on my own. I was able to get quite a bit done - playing field, deck, discard pile, size of the images, zooming in and out, placing of images onto the map (this was a pain in the @$$), setting up 2 players, ect. However I’ve come across an obstacle (or three) I just can’t bypass and must now ask for help.

1.I enabled the “Draw Specific Cards” function for the deck, but am unable to add the selected card to the player’s hand. Is there something I overlooked or does this part require some coding?

  1. Despite using the card game tutorial, I couldn’t find a specific answer as to whether or not the opposing player is supposed to be able to interact with the first players deck/cards on the field. If so, can I prevent it?

  2. If I place player 1’s deck at the bottom of the screen and player 2’s at the top, do they stay that way for both players or does player 2’s view show his/her deck at the bottom?

Thanks for your time; I’ll probably be posting a few more times until I get my game done.

The orientation/rotation for the one player stays the same for all other players. At least with the current VASSAL. P1 at the bottom, P2 at the top.

If active on the deck, you right-click the deck and select “Draw Specific Cards” to get a list of cards in the deck. Selecting a card in the list will place that card on the top of the deck. You can then drag the top card to the player’s hand.

You should be able to use a Restrict Access trait on the cards. For each of the cards in player 1’s stack, you would have a Restrict Access trait that only allows the cards to be selected by player 1. This would prevent player 2 from drawing the cards nor would player 2 be able to turn over a card or have access to any menu items on the cards.

Orientation is fixed so that the view is the same for each player.

Thanks for all the quick replies!

I’m still having a little trouble with the Restrict Access coding, as it doesn’t see to do anything; I can use Restrict Commands so player 2 can’t manipulate the cards, but for some reason they can still be drawn from the deck by player 2. Is this something that occurs in offline mode or will this happen online as well?

Also, the card game I’m working on is similar to Magic the Gathering/ Yugioh (people build their own deck with different cards); how would people go about playing it online? Would they be able to use custom decks to face each other or would their decks need to be coded beforehand and each given a copy of the game file with their decks in it? Thanks again!

Update: I got the restrictions working (didn’t know I had to specify PlayerSide when I added it) but opponent can still shuffle 1st players deck; I’m assuming this is a flaw of the right-click shuffle coding but it’s good enough for now! :mrgreen:

Update: I figured out my own question, lol. Found a post about a G.I. Joe CCG and dl the file to examine it. I should be good for a while before anymore questions arise. Thanks to everyone who helped!