What happened to Hexdraw

I used to own the professional version of Hexdraw (it was on an old laptop that crashed). I am designing a new module and was looking to make tactical hex maps. On the HexDraw – we draw Hexes site it says it’s “no longer available for download”. Does this mean it’s gone for good?

archive.org shows it having been this way since 29 March 2022 at least: HexDraw – we draw Hexes

I’ve drawn blank sheets of hexagons just by using a blank map and the Vassal hex tools.

How exactly? What hex tools? The more detail, the better.

If what you need is a hex grid, you could use mkhexgrid.


I’m looking for a tool that will allow me to easily create a lot of ASL-style tactical maps. So in addition to hexes, I need something that will let me add terrain on a hex-by-hex basis. There are some tools out there for world-size fantasy maps, but nothing on the 100 meter or less range.

  1. A blank sheet can be made with Paint. Set the size in pixels in properties for a new picture and save it as a PNG. Of course any image could be used, one with a logo if you like or with some terrain as background.
  2. Edit a module and add it as a Board under Map Boards then right click it and choose Add Hex Grid. There are options there for size, pointy side up or sideways, etc. but definitely select show grid. Then you can choose a color for it too.
  3. Now Click Edit Grid at the bottom. Up pops your new hex grided board and you can edit its’ grid size and position graphically per the instructions at the bottom.
  4. You can then make it part of your module, or screen cap it with some tool like Greenshot , or use the Vassal image capture tool to export it for use with other modules.

I made the example below in less than 5 minutes while typing this.

If you want a nice wargame-friendly hex grid you can try this Inkscape extension I made:

For a hex tile editor for placing bitmap terrain to build a map you can try Tiled. With a well-configured set of tiles and terrain definitions it can probably be as good as any wargame-specific editor, but I guess you would have to set that up yourself.