What's a good deck size.

I’m trying to create a card game module and I’m having trouble working out in my head how big to make things. What’s a good size for a image file to use. Whats a good deck size. That sorta thing. I want it to be readable and easy to view.

Well, that’s really a matter of personal preference. For KCP, I went with a size of 288x403; a different mod I went with 288x461. Decks are affected if you place them on a board with Zoom Capability, so if that proves to be too big for your taste and you don’t want to resize everything manually, you can just add Zoom Capability. Player hands likewise can have Zoom. And VASSAL’s nice enough to show you a closeup of an individual card if you mouse over it (just like any other piece in a stack).

As far as number of cards in a deck is concerned, the number is “unlimited”; the second mod I mentioned has something like 400 cards or so in it. Granted, they’re chunked up into various decks, but the biggest one still has at least 150 cards in it.