What's the best way to count victory points?

What is the best way to code Victory Points tabulation?
different cities are worth 1-3 VP’s to the different players, based on ownership. How would you go about keeping a running score?

thanks in advance.

Quick ideas coming to my mind:

  1. Global property value of which is adjusted with a button / two buttons (one for each player); value of GP displayed on map.

  2. VP track on separate map window; you would use chits to track VP.

  3. Clickable game piece (button) with a label showing VPs. Click on a piece would enable player to change VP.

Is there a points track? You can look at some modules I’ve done where I have automated VP tracking and adapt those techniques (e.g. Here I Stand, Virgin Queen).

If each player has a marker on a board track to record their VP totals, every time you mark a city as “owned” by a certain side, you also despatch a Global Key Command to their VP marker that in turn does: a Set Global Property to increment their score by the correct amount, then a Send to Location that moves the VP marker to the place on the track corresponding to the updated score.

I’d go for JoelCFC25’s solution if I were you, sounds pretty good and the result is something that would be convenient to use on the player’s side.