Where are my movement trails?

When I move my units, there are movement trails. When my opponent runs my log file, he does not see any movement trails (and I don’t when I play his log). This is extremely annoying. Why? I’ve been through the module and can’t find the “Turn of trails for opponent” check box. What is happening?

Check the config of the relevant Movement Trails trait in the pieces–is the box for “Trails visibility synchronized for all players” ticked or not?

It is ticked. Should it not be?

Doesn’t seem to have any effect of my current saved logs. Can’t see trails. Does it have to be unticked at his end?

The other thought I had was about the config of the map window itself where trail display is proving unreliable–there’s a setting there for:

Mark pieces that move (if they possess the proper trait): Always, Never, Use Preferences Setting

I’d have to do some testing to recall what all the possible outcomes are with different combinations of these two settings. Maybe someone else will know immediately.