Which nested conditional statement will execute faster?

Just wondering if there is an answer to the question posed in the heading/topic.
There are 2 ways of stating a nested conditional expression:
CurrentMap==“World Maps”||CurrentMap==“Allied TFs”||CurrentMap==“Axis TFs” and
CurrentMap=~“World Maps|Allied TFs|Axis TFs”

I’m leaning toward the latter statement as it is essentially one statement with 3 states to check. The Former uses 3 statements with 1 state to check for each. Each must be checked in turn.
But then the whole thing could be a misnomer.

I’d go for that one following your reasoning, also because it is more concise. I await informed replies with interest.

Related, but different- I found recently a significant performance difference between a simple beanshell selection criterion for a GPIW and the equivalent in legacy form:

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Concise. That is the word I was looking for when I wrote this. Thanks

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I have just tried your suggestion re using the legacy expression system in lieu of the beanshell expression for a GPIW.
With beanshell the GPIW took 18secs. With legacy the GPIW took less than 2 secs.

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I think you are onto something really game (module) changing here. I am going to change every aspect within my modules where there some form of ‘what condition(s) apply’.