why is Game Pieces Palette showing as a dialog window?

Hi everyone,

I have a module where I have some pieces in the Game Pieces Palette. when I click in the Pieces button its displayed embedded on the vassal window just like the log and the network option.

However, I created a new vassal module and added some pieces and when I access them, they are being displayed inside a pop-up dialog.

Anyone has any idea why is this happening?

thanks in advance,

  • Miguel

Dont know if it’s important or not but I have the options “Combine application windows” checked

This behavior occurs when a module has more than one palette. The first palette attaches to the main window, but the second and subsequent ones appear in detached dialogs. I don’t like the attached form, so I always create a second palette in my modules. I rename the first one to “dummy,” and I set it to hidden. All my important pieces go into the second palette, which renders as a detached dialog.