[WIP] HexenTCG

Hi there.

I’m designing a TCG about the 90’s Hexen first person shooter

So far the rules are more or less set. It’s a mix between Magic: The Gathering and Battleground of Eldhelm and also mixing elements from other RPGs and TCGs, as well as some ideas from myself.

I’m designing also every card, matching all monsters, actions, weapons/magic, objects, and so on.

I design new cards daily, so the card database will grow every day, and also old cards enhancements & corrections, balance issues, etc…

So far, I did the next cards:
(card design idea based on EC TCG game but with various nice additions such as 3D borders, shadows etc… :slight_smile: )

For a more detailed explanation check out this link:

Anyone interested in this. I need people to give more card ideas, rules polishing, or any other collaboration will be welcome.


P.S. We need badly [spoiler] [/spoiler] BBCode tags. :slight_smile: