"writing on cards" (Microscope)


I’m starting out with VASSAL and trying to figure out how to do something like the attached picture in VASSAL:

Microscope is a structured history detailer process and I’d like to make a module in VASSAL to keep track of what’s added by who and some of the other detailing stuff that gets lost trying to record it in Google Draw or other programs.

I’ve found Text Label that I can use to put some text, but no way to get a defined text box that I can type in.

Is this something that VASSAL can do or is it a bridge too far?



Have you tried the Property Sheet trait? That might be more of what you’re looking for.

Dr Nostromo,

That looks like it handles about half of what I want, the other half is displaying it, though as I type this I somehow think that there has to be a way to link that property into the “Game Piece Image Definitions”

Thanks for the insight and helping me appreciate Vassal that much more!

Dr Nostromo,

I got what you described working, it doesn’t do exactly what I wanted it to do with text wrapping et all, but at least I got the description to display. I tried GPID and it still just shows $Description$, I’m guessing that once GPID bakes the image down, it can’t accept properties.

So not a perfect victory, but unless I figure something else out, it’s serviceable.

Thanks for the help!