Zone highlight on / off switch?

Is there a way to turn zone highlighters on and off while in game? Like a right click option or a button you can add? Or does it have to be done in the editor prior?

Trying to be able to turn on zone shading due to an effect that past a couple turns then back off again. May just have to have immovable pieces that are hidden but was hoping to use zones

Cheers. I remember doing something similar in my first ever Vassal module–it was Clash of Giants II, Galicia map.

In this game you have chits through which you activate units in certain areas on the board. I added zone highlighting to facilitate the process.

Each zone was give a “highlight property”, like Austro-Hungarian Zone 3 was give a property called AH3. Then I added Global Properties, one for each zone, each could be equal either 0 or 1. For each Global Property there was a button changing its value by incrementing it by 1. I am not sure how but it worked.

You may want to check out the module though in 3.3 it does not look pretty, I am not sure why.

Thanks I will take a look