Zone Highlighter

I’ve got a map structure of Map Window / Map Boards / Board / Multi-zoned Grid / Zone / Irregular Grid / Region.

Under Multi-zoned Grid I also have / Zone Highlighters / Zone Highlight.

Under each Zone I have the Properties box and have the “Use Highlighting?” box checked. (I made the Zone with “Define Shape” and it works just fine.)

What do I need to enter into the “Highlight Property” field to get the highlight to show on the map window?

Thanks for any help.

You need to enter there the name of the DP or GP which contains the name of the highlighter to use. This way you can dynamically change the highlighter in use for a given zone.

I don’t understand. What needs to be entered in the Global properties fields: “Name” and “Initial Value?”
Where does the Global Property need to be created?

Create the global property in the map where the zone highlighters are. Or, better yet, at module level.

Name can be whatever you want. Value should be the name of one of your highlighter. If you just want Zone A to be permanently in red than you could use ZoneA as gp and give it a default value of Red (where Red is the name of one of your highlighters… to cover everything in red, of course). Similarly for ZoneB you could use a gp called ZoneB with default Blue (and Blue is the name of your other highlighter) etc.

An example to clarify why they force you to use gp’s instead of directly the name of the highlighter is as follows:

  1. you have defined an highlighter “Axis” to cover a zone in black and, similarly, an “Ally” to cover everything in blue
  2. you have multiple zones called England, France, Italy, Germany… each with highlight checked
  3. for England set the highlighter property to “England_controller”, for France to “France_controller” etc
  4. define global properties with the above names (defaults: England_controller=Ally, France_controller=Axis etc)
  5. then when the allies free France you can dynamically chance France_controller=Ally to show in blue rather than black etc etc

Thanks barbanera. I will work on this and hope I can figure it out.


It took me a while but I finally got it!

I would never have figured this out without your help.

Thank you very much.