Zone highlighters help?

I have a map (same one from my last posts) with over 80 different zones (all different shapes as they are regions of countries).
I have certain cards, that if played on a zone, all zones touching that one are affected by it. For instance, a card is played that grants +1 movement to all units moving in that zone OR the zones adjacent to it. Is there a way to make it to where when the card is placed in one of the zones, it zone highlights the one it is in and all the other ones as well? I have been trying to figure out but it is complicated because the card can be placed in any zone and every zone touches other different zones… any help would be appreciated. And if you tell me to use something like dynamic properties then please explain it like you are talking to a person who doesn’t know how to use those, because I don’t lol.

As always any and all help appreciated.

Side note: there are about four different cards that would each have this affect but a different type. One is plus movement one is negative unit etc.