Zone Highlighting


I’m attempting to use the Zone Highlighting feature and although the directions seem clear and simple - I’ve not been able to get it to work with either 3.5.7 or 3.6.0-beta2.

I’ve got a map with zones - here is a photo of the hierarchy:

I have a Hampton Zone and a Hampton Zone Highlighter. Here is the Zone:

and the highlighter:

Yet, when I look on the map where the Zone is configured it is not highlighted. Here is the definition of the shape of the Zone:

and here is the actual appearance in the game (you’ll notice the Activation Counters are being properly sent to the zone - it is just not getting highlighted).

So, am I missing something obvious? Is this a bug? Thanks! jas…

From the Reference Manual:


You appear to have used the name of a Highlighter as the Highlight Property, instead of the name of a property that contains the name of a Highlighter.

The Highlighter Property should contain the name of a Global Property (probably a Zone GP attached to this zone) that contains ‘Hampton’ as its value.

It is designed so that you can change the current highlighter of a zone dynamically by changing the value of the Highlighter property.


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