Zoom in on a SINGLE piece in a stack possible?

Sorry, if handled before…

Is it possible to zoom in on a SINGLE piece (via “Mouse over Stack” or some other method) in a stack? Normally all pieces are drawn, but the problem is, that a bigger stack (especially if the pieces themselves are bigger) tends to go beyond the border of the map window and/or screen when zoomed. If i give them the “Does not stack” trait i can mouseover a single piece but, well… it’s no longer a stack.

Hope anyone can help or clear things up.

No, the stack viewer shows the entire stack or nothing.

One way to get around the stack viewer scrolling beyond the border is to set the viewer magnification level to a number less than 1. If the pieces are large, they will still be visible in the viewer, but at a reduced size. But that’s not always practical if the pieces are small.

An alternative to using the stack viewer to manage stacks is to add a Game Piece Inventory window. You can customize it to show pieces in each location, at any magnification level, and you can even send commands to the pieces in the stack by right-clicking on pieces in the window. It’s a neat way to manage big clumsy stacks of pieces, because you can access any piece directly without having to unstack and then re-stack pieces.

I tried reducing the magnifying level but as the pieces contain some text which needs to be readable, this solution has it’s limits. Until now i’ve not used the Game piece Inventory window, but maybe i’ll give a quick look.

Thanks anyway!