Zoom map but not counters

Is it possible to change the level of zoom on a map while having the counters stay at a fixed size? This would allow the underlying map board to expand in areas of high counter density or where counters obscure the underlying map. Counters would need to stay in their same zone/square/hex of the map.

It would probably be best to do this in a separate map window from the main window but that would require replicating any moves or combat in both map windows.

Basically, no.

You could theoretically set up a second map window that is doubled in size, but to transfer all the counters there would require their xy coordinates to be recalculated went sent there and when sent back. A lot of work for minimal gain.

Easier perhaps to have the map and counters doubled in size from the outset, and include a global command that shrinks all the counters when required, or just cause the counters to become transparent when required.

It’s also worth considering that in an exchange of logs, any command that executes GKCs or actually moves or changes counters will register as an action in the log. In a realtime game, the display will change for both players, potentially disrupting simultaneous actions or confusing the other player.

The way to get around this is to have a Game Piece Layer of the counters become invisible via a Game Piece Layer control button. This way a player can view the underlying map without affecting how the game is displayed to the other player or being recorded as an action in a log.

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You might also consider adding a Layer to the counters with a different size image which could be activated by GKC or whatever method.

@Benkyo @imikem

Thanks for these comments. Helpful but none is a quite a solution to the issue of counter density that I am thinking about. We may just have to live with it for a while. Thanks again.