Are Geomorphic Maps Possible

Is it possible to have map boards that are hex shaped connect to each other? Each board is a 2x2 hexes. Each game uses 6 of these placed next to each other to create a final 8x4 hex grid. There are numerous boards so that terrain is varied from game to game.
My first guess is to make square maps with transparent areas. This would require overlapping the maps with each other by an offset amount of pixels. Is that possible? If not can irregular shaped maps be created that interlock with each other? After those two ideas I’m drawing a blank. Any suggestions or guidance is appreciated.

The answers to your questions can be pretty much summed up by No and Yes.

You cannot create non-rectangular maps.

However, you can make a rectangular map that has a grid with the hex size the same as the hex size on your geomorphic pieces. Just set a plain colour background for this map.

Then your actual Geomorphic map pieces will be implemented as pieces that will snap onto the underlying grid of the blank map.There are several traits you will need to make these work as you want:

  • Non-Rectangular to define the shape of the small hex map pieces
  • Does Not Stack to stop the hex map pieces interacting with other pieces. Use this also to turn off standard select when clicked to prevent players accidentally selecting the pieces
  • Can Rotate assuming you want to be able to rotate your geomorphic map pieces
  • Layer You will most likely need to add you map images as a Layer, rather than in the Basic Piece, and set the offset appropriately so they snap correctly to the underlying grid.

You will probably also want to define Game Piece Layers on the map and place the Map Pieces by themselves on the bottom layer.

Getting the snapping right will probably be the trickiest part because the centre of your 2x2 hex piece will not be in the centre of one the hexes that make it up. You will need to change the rotate and layer offsets such that the piece rotates around and snaps to the centre of one of the 4 hexes. It will look a little odd when you are placing them, but should be fine once the have been placed.



As Brent explained, “geomorphic” maps are totally possible. In addition to the above, I have implemented a couple of extra things in some of my modules, like having another transparent layer “above” the board that can be activated to prevent players interacting with the board after setup, which optionally also has hex numbering on it. Another option after setup, if you want players to be able to activate menu options specific to each individual hex, is to have a function that causes each hex of the 2x2 board tiles to place single hex sized “markers” (pieces) above the board that can’t be moved.


Well I totally missed the obvious. LOL Thanks guys I guess I was overthinking it. Between both of your ideas. I can make it work.

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