Enhanced Search - testing & feedback invited!

Module developers! I’ve been working on the Search function to give it a few new features:

  • Word and full Regex search options (improved on v.3.7.1 regex option).
  • Skip back to a previous item in the edit window with the “Prev” button.
  • Keep track of where you are in the search listing with formatted, indexed headings.
  • Highlighting of matched text.
  • Easily locate a matched trait in a long piece or prototype with line number references!
  • Use PgUp / PgDn hotkeys to move up and down the search listing.
  • Help sub-components (file/page references) now included in expression searches.
  • Image name and GPID are appended to report for Basic Piece traits hits.
  • Fixes a minor issue for some search hits that failed to generate a report.

Download the latest test version for your machine and try it out for yourself! Please let me know what you think and any issues you encounter.

[Update: To clarify, the “full-plus…” builds include an unrelated update to the Refresh tools. All these builds should be compatible for Vassal v3.7.x module development. Usual advice about backing up your module applies. Also, if you develop using an interim build, to avoid your module users getting spurious though harmless compatibility warnings, do a final module save using standard Vassal 3.7 before release, preceded if need be by a Predefined Setup Refresh.]

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Enhanced search was included with Vassal v3.7.6.

I will continue to maintain an interim build for my Refresh Counters/PreDefined Refresh improvements.