Hard Coded "Clear Move Flag" button

Note - this is somewhat of a reprise from a previous post

The CLEAR MOVE button is hardcoded into Vassal.

  1. QUESTION - when a user presses this button is there any short of KeyCommand issued that can be leveraged for other purposes.
    1a) I want to add a “New” and “Built” text label (set by Dynamic Property) and have these set to “” (i.e., clear) when clearing moves.
    1b) This works great when using the MANUAL CTR-M for set/clear move flag, but doesn’t work when pressing the hardcoded CLEAR MOVE button.
    1c) Any way to get this to do what I want???

  2. V4 suggestion - Recommend the CLEAR Move button should be an explicit line item in the editor with the ability to trigger additional key commands

If you use a GKC, you maybe able to set your Dynamic Properties and also set Moved==false
Using Moved==true as a fast select with just 1 GKC button icon.

Moved is not implemented as a Dynamic Property, there is no other way to set it to false than using the Moved Button