Hexagonal Pieces / Geomorphic Map Hints

I’m trying to create a module, where the hexagonal map will be built up by drawing (automatically) hexagonal pieces.

  1. After placement, the map pieces will not be moved, but may be “flipped” and/or have trait activations
  2. The pieces should be slightly smaller than the map grid, but otherwise perfectly aligned.

Vassal includes a capability to define standard square/rectangular counters. Is there anything similar for hexagonal pieces?

If not, I’m assuming I need to use a utility like PAINT3D to create a hexagonal outline for the image?

If anyone has any hints or can point me to a module that uses hexagonal geomorphic map pieces, I would appreciate it!

This thread from the summer might be helpful: Are Geomorphic Maps Possible

The Game Piece Layout feature within VASSAL won’t do hex-shaped pieces, but you should be able to knock some together using whatever image/layout software with which you’re most comfortable. Inkscape is my most frequent recommendation, but far from the only software that can do the job.

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You can define non-rectangular pieces using the Non-Rectangular piece trait.

Thanks guys… While hexagonal pieces aren’t common, they aren’t that rare either… I would suggest adding the hex shape as an option to the “Game Piece Layout” feature for V4.

Not sure if there will be such a thing in V4, and if so, it’s far more complex than it sounds, as the range of shapes such a shape can be are infinite. What you want is a hex in the shape that fits an arbitrarily defined hex grid,

I would think it would be a valuable addition. Vassal has the ability to generate Hex Grid maps of arbitrary (?) shapes… So would think some of the code for that could be leveraged…

How can they be “slightly smaller” and
“perfectly aligned” without both sheets being different sizes?

If a hexagonal counter is shaped identically to the hex grid, but slightly smaller (e.g., scaling factor of 0.98) and snaps to center of grid, then they will be “perfectly aligned.”

My experience with 18xx games which uses a hex map and hex tiles, shows that you want the tiles slightly smaller to allow for proper alignment and account for manufacturing tolerances.

:+1: thanks for the clarification