Hexagonal Pieces / Geomorphic Map Hints

I’m trying to create a module, where the hexagonal map will be built up by drawing (automatically) hexagonal pieces.

  1. After placement, the map pieces will not be moved, but may be “flipped” and/or have trait activations
  2. The pieces should be slightly smaller than the map grid, but otherwise perfectly aligned.

Vassal includes a capability to define standard square/rectangular counters. Is there anything similar for hexagonal pieces?

If not, I’m assuming I need to use a utility like PAINT3D to create a hexagonal outline for the image?

If anyone has any hints or can point me to a module that uses hexagonal geomorphic map pieces, I would appreciate it!

This thread from the summer might be helpful: Are Geomorphic Maps Possible

The Game Piece Layout feature within VASSAL won’t do hex-shaped pieces, but you should be able to knock some together using whatever image/layout software with which you’re most comfortable. Inkscape is my most frequent recommendation, but far from the only software that can do the job.

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You can define non-rectangular pieces using the Non-Rectangular piece trait.

Thanks guys… While hexagonal pieces aren’t common, they aren’t that rare either… I would suggest adding the hex shape as an option to the “Game Piece Layout” feature for V4.

Not sure if there will be such a thing in V4, and if so, it’s far more complex than it sounds, as the range of shapes such a shape can be are infinite. What you want is a hex in the shape that fits an arbitrarily defined hex grid,