How to make an Area of Effect not start at 0

Howdy folks!

I have a nice Area of effect trait, but i would like to start it not from the piece itself but some pixels further out. (so basically having a big circle around the piece)
How do i write that in a beanshell expression? I found the range expression but then couldn’t get any further.

tanks so much!

Or maybe point me to an online source where i can learn to use Beanshell… :sweat_smile:

i think i’ve seen it somewhere… was it Empire of the Sun…? :thinking:
maybe i should look for the modules that might have that.

I haven’t used an area of effect Trait yet so can’t help you much. Here are 2 links to Vassal that cover;
BeanShell Expressions & Range Functions


Thank you Darren,
i looked into it. I think it’s only to calculate ranges though.

I guess it’s not meant to start from somewhere else than 0.

cheers though!

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I have no idea whether this could work, but here goes.
Have 2 AoEs. One without any pattern with range 0. The second with whatever you’re using ATM. Place the 0 range AoE below the other AoE.
I’m thinking that if one of these traits is before (as in below) the other then it has priority for display (maybe). Works for text and layer traits.
Worth a shot anyway.

Interesting, yes they do work like layers.
So if both have a color they stack / blend over each other.

But if one has a Range of 0 it’s simply not shown.
And if a layer has no colour it will automatically show white.

OK. Good to try though and then provide feedback.
What about assigning a transparent image to display using ‘Map Shader’. See Area of Effect disappears as map shifts - Feature Requests - Vassal (
What would be the effect of using a 1 instead of 0?