Module editing.

I am building a module, and I am also removing some of the contents to shrink the size. I made a duplicate of the module before I began, so i’m safe.

I need to remove a some charts and maps. I opened the module editor and deleted them from the tree. I then changed the extension on the module to .zip, opened it, and removed the leftover images that are no longer a feature of the module. But now when I zip it back up and change the extension back to .vmod vassal keeps saying the file is not a valid VASSAL module.

Can anybody help me understand what I am doing wrong with this?

You’ve rezipped the module in a way which didn’t preserve its internal directory structure. Check where the buildFile.xml is in the file you rezipped. The buildFile.xml (and the other files which are in the same directory as it) should be in the root of your ZIP archive. I’ll bet what you have instead is a directory containing the buildFile.xml in the root of your ZIP archive.

Don’t rezip the whole folder . Select Images Folder, Buildfile.xml,moduledate, and any other files in that directory , zip and rename.

I use 7-Zip File Manager. I don’t even need to change the module filename. I just open the file directly with 7-Zip, extract, cut, paste, overwrite, and delete files directly. As long as you ALWAYS keep a backup, it’s safe and super easy…

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