sending GKC to a counter on an hex beggining with 0

Hi, I’m trying to use a GKC to delete a particular counter in a particular hex.

I know the hex number, so I send this GKC which Matching Properties:

No luck. If I move the fortification to a hex without a leading ‘0’, for example 1234, that line works

I’ve tried using

and several other stupid ideas. But no luck. When sending counters to hexes beggining with 0, the $ symbol saved my day. The quotes would only work with hexes numbered above 0999. But they don’t seem to work here.

How would I refer to that particular instance of fortification? I know the hex it is in, and also the name of the unique army that is in that same hex, if that might help.

I’m not a pro, so I learn from trial and mistake, but this time there are lots of both with no success, so I could use some help.

nevermind solved it with

LocationName =~ "801"

Thanks for the info. I was having a similar problem and just switched my grid coordinates to use the format A0, A1, etc. Your solution is better.