The Turn Counter, Global Hotkeys and Global Key Commands

Is there any other technique apart from the below to connect Turn Counter events to Counter behaviours?

In the Turn Counter, Global Hotkeys can be added to fire under specific conditions. As far as I can determine, these Hotkeys can only connect to Global Key Commands (realised as buttons on the toolbar of the Map Window). These can then be used to affect counters via a trigger trait watching for the Global Key Commands.

If this is the only technique, how could I put these otherwise unwanted toolbars on a different window to avoid cluttering the main map window - or otherwise hide them away from the ‘user’?


If you do not specify either a name or an Icon for toolbar component, then the button for it is suppressed.

Thanks Brent. This will solve the clutter issue! Do you know if the technique I have identified is the only way to connect Turn Counter/GHK with counter behaviours??

Yes, that is the way to do it. Global Hot Keys are only seen by Components. Global key Commands are only seen by Counters. The Global Key Command Component is the way to mediate between the two.