Toolbar Menu Options

Is it possible to add blank space to a “toolbar menu”?
What about a break line (so that categories can be made within the dropdown)?


and is it also possible to do submenus?

I don’t know about blank spaces in the toolbar but sub-menus are easy enough.

Add a Toolbar Menu component and list the components you want in it. Then create another Toolbar Menu and list the original Toolbar Menu in it. This will nest your first toolbar inside the second one.

Basically, you can nest toolbar menus inside other toolbar menus to your heart’s content.

Cool thanks (that’s what I’d hoped).

I’ve made a sort of blank space, by creating a component, and leaving all the details blank or just a " ". This works well enough in the main menu, but when I start a game, the item causes an error message to appear. I can ignore the error, and carry on as normal, but it is annoying, so if there was another way of doing it, without creating an error, that would be helpful.

Try leaving the button name blank, but using a small transparent icon for the button image.


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Thus spake “ukdane”:

It sounds like what you’re trying to do is group related items?
I’m not saying that there’s no way to do it now, but if there isn’t
then this is something I intend to work on eventually. The toolbar
code does not produce beautiful toolbars at present, and it bugs me.


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