Turn Tracker bugs

Vassal 3.6.5
Uploading Europe_Engulfed_v1.8 jzzz-w BUG-COUNTERS.vmod

Launch module, start new game offline “New Scenario”

IF File-preferences-Turn Counter-Docked is checked, THEN all counters start docked / displayed.

BUG #1 - ignores existence of toolbar menu

ELSE they can be pulled down one-by-one from the “S-Track” button (toolbar menu)

When NOT docked, the Title for each counter displays (making meaning apparent). When docked, it does not… This is not an issue when using only a single turn-counter, but is a major issue when using multiples as what they are intended for is not apparent to players. Arguably a feature request instead of a bug.

BUG #2: Title of Turn Counter does not display when docked (only an issue when using multiple turn counters)

BUG #2a: When hovering over a docked Turn Counter, it ignores what is entered in the Turn Counter Turn Label Tooltip Text and says “Right Click to Configure”

Ensuring Preferences are set to NOT docked, start game, new scenario
Open first 3 counters (Turn, Ally ASW Level, Ally Flak Level) (Note they should appear not docked so titles are visible)
Right click on TURN, select Dock - it works
Right click on Ally ASW Level, Note that “Dock” does not appear, instead “Undock” appears. If select “Undock” it Undocks the TURN counter…

BUG #3 - multiple turn counters are not properly isolated from one another and can affect other turn counters

When starting a new game
IF you start “New Scenario” the Ally ASW Level counter works correctly (Loops from Unavailable to 0 to 15)
IF you start “1939 Scenario” it can be decremented from Unavailable to 15, but won’t increment past Unavailable
Note - I newly ran update pre-defined setups for this test

BUG #4 - some turn counters won’t increment in pre-defined scenario
This is the only counter that won’t increment, so it might be an error in the module… (I abandoned using turn counters after finding all these problems)

To where did you upload this?

standard Vassal upload

What’s that? Please give me a link.

I think its still awaiting moderation

I did not see it in the queue. Also, please do not upload test modules to the wiki—that leaves us on the hook to store them basically forever when they have only ephemeral value.

Edit: I found it. Tim approved it very quickly.

Ah, sorry where would you like me to upload it?

Is there a way for us to delete files no longer needed? I’ve uploaded a few that can be dumped - early builds, etc…

I can do it manually if you point them out.

Europe Engulfed v3.1 g.vmod (file)

Europe Engulfed v3.1 e.vmod (file)

Europe Engulfed v3.0 beta-RC-52.vmod (file)

Europe Engulfed v3.0 beta-RC-33.vmod (file)

Europe Engulfed v3.0 beta-RC-09.vmod (file)

Europe Engulfed v3.0 beta-RC-05.vmod (file)

Could anybody possibly have saves or logs using those? If so, they should remain available.

They are no longer available on the module page and were listed as betas subject to change. Recommend dump them.

I’m leaving the old actual releases for the reason you mentioned…

I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do or see for Bug #1.

There is a toolbar menu that lists all of the various turn counters.

If your preference is set to DOCK, then all the multiple turn counters are fully expanded and docked at top of the screen (i.e., ignoring the toolbar menu).

If your preference is set to NOT-DOCK, then all the multiple turn counters do not show up until the appropriate entry in the toolbar menu is used.

The expected behavior (to me) is that regardless of the preference setting, if a turn counter is contained in a toolbar menu it won’t show up until that entry is mouse-clicked (i.e., remain hidden to user).

I don’t understand what you mean by this.

I’ll take a couple of screen shots, one sec…

Preference setting “Dock into toolbar” checked

[Have to close and reopen game after changing preference setting]

Preference setting “Dock into toolbar” Not checked

All of the various turn counters are contained in the “S-Track” toolbar menu. If you click this, it shows a drop down that allows you to bring up any of the turn counters.

The use case here is the player wants to change a Strategic Warfare Track setting.

Designers intent is to group these into a single toolbar menu, which allows the player to 1) Select general UI element for Strategic Track 2) Select specific UI element to change 3) make the change 4) close the element

Toolbar menus for Vassal generally permit the module designer to make the logical grouping and present a clean UI to the player for efficient and enjoyable play.

The 2nd image in the previous post, did everything I hoped from a UI perspective (clean logical etc.). However the first image was a complete UI mess where the player has no idea which elements are which and the fact that the module designer had grouped things into a toolbar menu was overridden by a player preference setting.

The ability of a player to force a single UI turn counter to dock makes complete sense and I’m glad to see it. However, this preference is a major hindrance when using multiple turn counters for purposes beyond the original (i.e., to track a turn).

Again, just my perspective after sinking a ton of time into trying to get it to work and eventually abandoning the approach.

This has been broken since at least 2007. Why did nobody mention this sooner? I’ll see about fixing it for 3.6.6.

I would theorize that very few if any modules use more than a single turn counter, which is why many of these bugs have remained undetected.