Warhammer Fantasy Battles


I’m new to Vassal and I’m eager to play WHFB with it. Unfortunately it seems that there is no module for it.

So, why complaining when someone can do it with his own hands ?

I would be glad when there were Fantasy players out there who were interested in developing such a module together.

I made some thoughts yet and I think it will be difficult to realize such dynamic counters for the regiments because throughout the game, the regiments change composition (heroes joining the unit), formation and manstrength (casualties, summons).
Making one counter for each model may not be very workable when trying to arrange 40 goblins base to base after movement.

Is there a way to connect counters, so that they move together ? That would solve the main problems.

Oh and it would need some people who are gifted in making the pixel sprites for the units.

I think terrain and rulers, dice, deviation dice and templates could be used from the 40k module.

Well, somebody who is interested ?

There is a lot of interest in this over at the Librarium-Online.com area. Biggest issue is the sprites right now.

There is another game called Lorenz that does WHFB already but requires a fee to play. Perhaps if someone asked really nicely you could get a copy of the sprites they are using.

After working on the 40k module I have a few ideas on how to implement the regiments but have not come up with a good solution to the independent characters joining a unit as you mentioned before.

Would be willing to help out if you like.


You can be glad for any help of Yojimbo.

But I dont think a commercial product will give you their sprites for free.

If you worked on the 40k module already, I think you are more familiar with the editor.

Where can I find the discussion on the mentioned forum ?

I think it is important to focus the interest and the knowledge of many to do a work like this.

Are there tutorials for making the sprites ? I wouldn’t know how to start with this at the moment but it can’t be so difficult, hm ?

The first goblin sprites. How do you like them ?


I’ll try to get a warhammer unit stack class up and running for vassal, this would solve several problems I think.

Hey, I work on the 40k module :smiley:
There’s supposed to be a German team working on a Fantasy module but we haven’t heard anything from them for a while sadly enough,
Our main area to talk is on www.heresy-online.net where we have a whole subforum dedicated to vassal.

If you want to contact the developers of the WHFB module, you can find them here: gw-fanworld.net/board/forumdisplay.php?f=299

mehrunes is one of the germandevelopers there and I asked there about supporting them…
It got a little bit quiet but it’s still alive…

I’ll try to setup a battlefield with a troops setup window and the grouping unit code the next weeks using the images found on gw-fanworld.net

But that’s work on the Vassal code, no module design ?

To play Warhammer Fantasy, one would need your special Vassal version.
I don’t know if it is worth the work as long the developers don’t add your work to the official version.

that’s not quite correct. you just need the module. the module file can also contain compiled classes. The person creating the module should create it with a java version low enough for all players able to play (guess 1.4 would be a good version). I used java 1.5 or 1.6 I think, not sure as I’m on a different machine now…

Thus spake “ghoust”:

VASSAL 3.0+ requires Java 1.5, so there’s no point in restricting yourself
to Java 1.4.


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The custom classes are now finished so the fun part of vassal customization can begin.
The draft of a module and the source of the custom classes are here:
The german development team can be found here:

Start modding!

By the way this code/mod needs vassal 3.1 beta1 at least. It’s not a big problem to me as the mod will be far from complete by the time 3.1 will be released…

I think the v40k team is also interested in making a WHFB module. There’s a subforum for WHFB. vassal40k.com/

And I have some suggestions for the sprite artists:

Draw the models without a base and use transparency, then you can use different bases as layers under the models.

The sprites look very small now, maybe they should be resized, so you can see more details. You can still zoom out, if the models are too big.

I actually found the size of the first sprites that Mehrunes posted ok. I just reworked one of his sprites for demonstration purposes.

I was once in the v40k team but help for the fantasy mod was very low or even nearly non-existent.
Sprites are in the scale 5mm = 6 pixels. How did you reworked the sprite?
Feel free to do that to all the others.

One thing I can not agree with is following: When vassal wasn’t suited for group moves and making regiments from single sprites was hard work, nearly nobody wanted to help me. Now, when it is easier, people come and want to make the module to fit their personal taste.

I’m kind of disappointed about that because it was me who started the sisyphus work.

I just erased the background and painted over the sprite. If you save the picture in gif or png format you can keep the transparency. You could now make bases with different colors and add a layer for them under the actual game piece. Then you can change the color of the base just by using a shortcut.

And I’m not interested in working on the WHFB module, I don’t even play Warhammer, only Bloodbowl and Battlefleet Gothic (and VOTR for a short time). Just wanted to give you a tip. ;)

Yeah, regarding the bases, this is clear. But what you simply describe as “painting over” looks rather good.
We still have to decide if we redo the sprites size.

Of course I already have some experience in painting, but I’m still a newb. ;)
Your images were actually pretty good already, you just need to work more on the details, light, color and shape.

A good program like Photoshop helps. The GIMP is also pretty good and it’s free.

I’m using Photoshop already but I never drawed sprites before. They are my first. And to be fair, on 96x96 there is much more possible than on 24x24 pixels. :slight_smile: